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May, 2018

Changes to In-House program for Fall 2018

Hello CFSC Members,

We hope all of you are experiencing an excellent spring season with CFSC. As our season comes to a close next weekend and our fall season registration will open, we would like to take this time now to communicate a very big change in our “In-House” program.

As many of you know, our sport is constantly changing.  As a club, it is our responsibility to keep up with these changes and try to make the best decisions with your children's development in mind.  Our job as board members is to identify what is working, and what changes we can make to further enhance the experience and development of our players.

For many years, we have been able to host our own U10 division and for many years we were extremely successful with it.  The past couple of seasons have experienced a decline in our numbers causing us to create co-ed teams. We have also been fortunate to have some extremely knowledgeable coaches at the younger levels, who have produced high quality soccer players. Those coaches and players are now looking for opportunities to play outside of our “In-House” league and representing CFSC in the Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association (GAASA).  While this is great news for our club as a whole, this will decrease our numbers at the “In-House” level.

Last Sunday at our board meeting we discussed the U10 division in great length.  While we know we can’t please everyone, our goal at CFSC is to provide an opportunity for all to play in an environment that is conducive to having fun, learning, and competing at the appropriate level.  We feel this change will allow us to do that.

That leads us to the boards decision.  A motion was proposed to remove the CFSC U10 “In-House” league and have all players U9 and up play in the travel program GAASA for the fall season.  This motion was unanimously approved and will take effect this fall.

So what does that mean for you?

If your child was born in 2010 or earlier, this fall they will be playing in our travel division with GAASA.  The travel league has many different divisions inside of each age group that will allow us the opportunity to appropriately place players in divisions where the competition is comparable to their skill and experience.  While it’s hard to gauge new teams entering the league and where to place them, we will be working with past coaches to appropriately place these players. The cost to play at the travel level is $75 per season. There is also an uniform fee of $55 that includes your players shirt, shorts, and socks.  Uniforms do not need to be purchased every seasons so once they are purchased, your player will be able to use it until they either grow out of it or it becomes damaged. The travel can vary depending on which teams register in each division. Each season consists of 8 games which include 4 games as home.  Waterworks will continue to be our home field. Most away matches will be within 30 minutes travel time, but there are always a few exceptions.

We know that change can be hard, but we ask that you be patient and work with us during this transition.  We have been the only club in the area for a very long time that held its own U10 ‘In-House” division.

As we look to the future and align ourselves with the other recreational clubs in the area, we hope that we will be able to continue to develop your child in a fun, educational, and competitive environment.  We thank you again for your patience in this ever changing culture we call soccer.

Thank you for being a member or CFSC.  Together we will get through this as we have other changes in the past.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Club President Jim Linaburg at [email protected].

Thank you,

Cuyahoga Falls Soccer Club