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Cuyahoga Falls Soccer Club

1. Where are the games played?

Micro, U6, and U8, games are all played at Waterworks soccer fields.

Travel (u9 and up) home games are played at Waterworks, Schnee, Sill, or Preston.

Away games are played around Northeast Ohio.

2. When are the games played?

Micro, U6, and U8 games are played on Saturday mornings usually between 9AM and Noon.
Travel (u9 and above) games are played on the weekend and some weeknights.

3. What is the cost for my child to play?

The fees are listed in our below in the Registration section but usually range from $50.00 to $80.00.

Our club has one of the lowest registration fees in Summit County.

4. Does CFSC offer indoor soccer?

Individual teams and coaches will play at different indoor facilities such as NC Soccer in Hudson, Tallmadge Rec or Akron Indoor.

The club itself does not have an official indoor program as of this date.

5. How do I sign my child up to play?

Register online here 

Print and fill out the proper information and mail to our P.O. Box located on the top of the form.

Make sure you sign on both signature request locations.

If you have any questions, please send an email.

6. What equipment is required for my child to play?

Shin guards
Soccer shorts
Water bottle
Soccer ball:
Micro and U6: Size #3
U8 and U10: Size #4
U11 and U12:  Size #4
U13 to U15: Size #5

All of this equipment is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods or other department stores.

Jerseys and socks are provided for the In-House age groups (Micro, U6, U8).

7. What are the divisions in the soccer club?

Micro Program 3 V 3    (3 players vs. 3 players)

Our Micro program is designed to introduce players between the ages of 3 to 4 years old to the soccer game.

The emphasis for this age is to get them to stay on the field without holding Mom and Dad’s hands.

Co-ed teams play on small 20′ by 30′ fields and small goals with no goalie.

Parent coaches are on the field to keep order and point the kids to their right goal.

Games are played on Saturday mornings from 9:00AM to 12:00PM at the Waterworks soccer field.

* Please check our Registration section to verify placement for your child.

U-6 Program  4 V 4     Rules

The U-6 program is the next step in the progression, including players between ages 5 and 6 years old.

The emphasis for this age is to teach the very basics and have FUN!

Co-ed teams play 4 V 4, plus a goalie on small 30′ by 40′ fields.

Parent coaches are on the field to help the kids learn basic rules such as goal kicks, throw-ins and corner kicks.

Drills designed to introduce soccer basics at this age such as Red light/Green light, Sharks and Minnows and other skill-focused drills.

Games are played on Saturday mornings from 9:00AM to 12:00PM at the Waterworks soccer fields.

U-8 Program 5 V 5    Rules

The U-8 program is designed for  players between the ages of 6 and 8 years old.

In this age division, there are separate teams for boys and girls and  a more structured coaching environment exists.

A higher emphasis of coaching foot skills is introduced as well as the mechanics of the game.

The field is larger and the kids are taught to look for the open space and to create open space.

The objective of this division is to get the kids away from bunching up on the fields.

The games are played in 4 – ten minute quarters with coaching instruction on the field.

There are no direct kicks, no penalty kicks, and no final team standings.

U-9 thru U-15

The Cuyahoga Falls Soccer Club participates in the Ohio Travel Soccer League  (OHTSL).

Our teams ranging from U-9 and up, play against other teams in the Akron Metro area and travel.

Each age division is usually separated by skill levels.

The competition is stronger and the coaching level is higher.

Each season concludes with a division winner.

General Information

We play two outdoor seasons, Spring and Fall.

Individual teams may play indoor soccer which beginning in late October and running through late March.

The first weekend of June is the annual Soccer Olympics (Soccerpalooza).

Members also participate in several different local soccer camps in the summer months.

8. Where do I register?

Answer:  Register here